NY Times Manga Best Seller List For November 21st, 2015

NY Times Manga Best Seller List For November 21st, 2015 Well, at least Viz Media doesn’t dominate the top ten best seller list for manga from the New York times completely this week. The third slot this time around ends up in Yen Press’ hands as the latest Black Butler manga release ranks well. Other than that, however, the list is pretty much all about the Viz Media titles and the big name ones at that with One-Punch man netting three slots while Tokyo Ghoul takes three as well. That leaves a little space for My Hero Academia and One Piece while the prestige version of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manages to hold onto the tenth place position.

Oh, Naruto finale, we hardly knew you on this list for long…

  1. One-Punch Man Vol.2
  2. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.1
  3. Black Butler Vol.21
  4. One-Punch Man Vol.1
  5. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.3
  6. One-Punch Man Vol.3
  7. My Hero Academia Vol.2
  8. Tokyo Ghoul Vol.2
  9. One Piece Vol.76
  10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency Vol.1

What have you picked up from the top ten?

[Source: NY Times Manga Best Seller List ]