Mark Millar Talks ‘Chrononauts’ Ahead Of Collected Release

Mark Millar Talks ‘Chrononauts’ Ahead Of Collected Release One of the more enjoyable miniseries we got to read this year was Chrononauts, whichi came from writer Mark Millar and ARtist Sean Murphy through Image Comics. The four issue series is getting ready for its graphic novel release on September 24th, 2015 ( Amazon ) and Millar is out and about talking about it.

“This is by far the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken,” explains Millar. “The actual canvas we’re working on is the entirety of human history so the scope for drama has been amazing. We’ve got things going on here no-one’s ever done before, in comic-books or in cinema. Sean and I are really excited about it.”

Continuing, “I’ve worked with the best in the industry in recent years, but Sean Gordon Murphy beats them all. The research he’s done on this is just astounding. He’s a New York Times best-selling artist for a reason. I can’t think of anyone else who could have pulled this off so well.”

When asked about the theatrical adaptation, “Actually, we’re working on it right now. Universal Pictures has bought the rights and we’re making it with Chris Morgan as producer, the brains behind the Fast and the Furious juggernaut over at that company. We’re all really excited about this and getting the screenplay together for a director at the moment”, he adds.

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Plot concept: The story opens with a satellite fired back through time and sending images of the Civil War back to the present day. The world watches, mesmerised, and excited as Dr Corbin Quinn and Dr Danny Reilly embark upon the first manned mission into the past. Their plan is to meet Columbus as he reaches the Americas, but their planned route goes way off-course, leaving them to fend for themselves in an era-hopping adventure from ancient Rome to the Roaring Twenties to the dawn of life itself.