‘Terra Formars’ Manga Spinoff Coming

‘Terra Formars’ Manga Spinoff Coming With a new anime series in the works and the manga doing well in sales, it’s little surprise that another Terra Formars spinoff is in the works and about to arrive. An early scan of the new Young Jump magazine has revealed that Terra Formars Asimov is scheduled to debut in the November 4th issue. The series will focus on Asimov that takes place prior to his heading to Mars. ANN translates the teaser as “before he departs for Mars, the mission he’s entrusted with is…”.

The new series is being illustrated by Boichi while original creator Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachiba are credited with the story for it. Interestingly, Kenichi Fujiwara is also given a story credit. He worked on the Terra Formars The Outer Mission novel series.

Property concept: With the space program attempting to travel to Mars, 21st century scientists were tasked with warming up the planet so that humans could survive on its surface. They came up with an efficient and cost-effective plan of sending cockroaches and mold to the surface so that the mold would absorb the sunlight and the insect corpses would serve as a food source for the mold.

It is now the year 2577 and the first manned ship to Mars has landed on the planet and the six crew members are ready for their mission. But what they find are giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with incredible physical strength. The crew members are easily wiped out, but not before sending a transmission back to Earth. Now, humanity will send elite warriors to exterminate the mutated bugs and claim back Mars.

[Source: ANN ]