Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Wonderland #38 Review

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Wonderland #38 Review Is it smart to call on the White Queen for help?

Creative Staff:
Writer: Erica J. Heflin
Art: Marc Rosete

What They Say:
After years of torment at the hands of Wonderland and its many psychopathic denizens, Calie Liddle finally claimed a victory. By defeating the Queen of Spades, Calie assumed leadership of Wonderland. And now she cares for the realm that once existed to torment her family. With the White Rabbit and a newly reformed Cheshire Cat by her side, Calie seeks to transform the tainted realm to its former glory … But it will not be an easy task.

This is the story of Calie Liddle … White Queen of Wonderland.

Content (please note that portions of a review may contain spoilers):
As the Jack of Hearts interrogates Squire before her execution, Calie tries to relax from the insanity of Wonderland back home. But the madness that burdens her sanity there even weighs heavily upon her here. Is there nowhere she can find solace for a moment’s peace? Or is there someone who doesn’t want the Queen to find a comfort even in a simple cup of coffee? Her family legacy is not the only thing working against her and their claws know no mercy.

While in her absence, Ace’s minions have been undermining Calie’s friend Drew, drilling into his deepest fears with the help of the Terror. And now, they wish to draw her into his nightmare, but she will not come along quietly, if Cheshire has anything to say in the matter. He knows a trap when he smells it, and this one has the stench of something that has gone horribly wrong. Unfortunately, Drew’s son Brayden has become entangled within the mire of his father’s collapse, and this may not be something that can be overcome by a gentle conversation from his friend. Her beastly friend is the only way to save him from doing something he will dread for the rest of his life … if they are not already too late.

But the Red Rabbit has done his master’s bidding, the Terror has made the will of the Ace of Spades known, and the affected will never be the same again. They know that the White Queen is the ruler of Wonderland, but how can she reign if her pieces are taken from her? She may be in control now, but the long-term game is what will determine the ultimate victor. He will bid his time and play with his pawns until she has no more moves left but is he the only one who has a gambit in which to secure victory? For the time being, she can only delay the inevitable, in hopes of saving her friend from the fate that Ace has planned for his new chess piece. Only time will tell …

In Summary:
This issue that Erica Heflin scripted was more intense than any previous ones, perhaps due to the influence of Terror. His ability to glimpse into someone’s deepest horror has brilliantly worked to this story’s favour by bringing Drew’s worst fear to life: his suspicion that his wife will take his son away from him. But, of course, that phantom drew that fear to the surface and multiplied it to the ultimate zenith – not being able to see Braydon ever again. I am glad that Cheshire was able to execute an En passant with Brayden before he did something he would regret; the gentleness of the beast acting as his guardian angel, I just hope that he can life up to that promise in the midst of the tragedy.

As if the story wasn’t extreme enough, Marc Rosete also gave the Red Rabbit a new twist. I thought that the Ace of Spades was creepy, but now Red has surpassed his master. To have him dressed in a hoodie and blue jeans with a switchblade, acting like a common thug to greet Calie, that made him even more maniacal – reminded me of a certain clown faced villain. But, this version was subtle … drawing us into the resulting chaos that Terror introduced to Drew. The close up of his face, an insane smile and crying at the same time, made you feel sorry for him, until you see the result of his carnage. The entire scene reminded me of the Mad Hatter’s sprees … and that is a good thing, thematically not realistically. Then to close the issue with Drew being sucked into the madness of Wonderland – that was chilling to say the least!

To see Drew drawn into Calie’s insanity and then branded by Ace should make for an interesting reveal later on. But as for now, what will happen to Brayden? Will they be able to shelter him from the truth of what happened to his family – that Wonderland has claimed another victim? I cannot wait to find out!

Grade: A

Rating: 16+
Released By Zenescope
Release Date: August 12, 2015
MSRP: $3.99