Miss Komori Can’t Decline! Episode #01 Anime Review

Miss Komori Can’t Decline! Episode #01 Anime Review How much declining can you fit into two minutes?

What They Say:
Shuri Komori is a 14-year-old girl, who is so nice that she can not turn down people’s request. She gains amazing abilities while she fulfills people’s request. There are many fun & happy things in her life, since she is an adolescent middle school student after all!

The Review:
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While I like a lot of short-form shows, the ones I really struggle with are the two minute ones simply because of what they have to get done in that time frame. Miss Komori Can’t Decline is one of those that attempts to manage it better and half of that battle is just having better looking animation. The basic premise so far is that she can’t seem to say no to anyone and that gets her into all sorts of problems, from letting others ahead of her in the bathroom constantly to answering all the questions in class. Komori also dominates over everyone else in terms of size – both height and bust size, which naturally makes for some comical moments which do work.

In Summary:
With a smoother and more appealing looking production than most of these two minute shows have, Miss Komori Can’t Decline! is already off to be a better start. Of course, having thirty seconds for a credits sequence doesn’t help. and doing it after the first seventy-five seconds doesn’t either, meaning you stick through it for the end gag that clocks in at about fifteen seconds. Of course, it’s just two minutes total so it’s not a huge investment. The show is definitely cute enough and works as a pleasant diversion, though I’m curious to see how long they can do it in an engaging enough way while actually giving us some real character material.

Grade: C+

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