ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics & Manga For Week Of January 19th, 2015

ComiXology Sets New & Notable Digital Comics & Manga For Week Of January 19th, 2015 It’s a brand new week of new comics and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s a slew of new things landing this week as always, especially with backlist titles from the big companies and new trades across the board to check out below. Wednesday is the big day though for fresh things and this week has a lot. BOOM! is kicking off a new book with Burning Fields while Dynamite Entertainment is debuting a new Twilight Zone series. IDW kicks off Zombies vs. Robots as well as Millennium while Image Comics has a new series among the ongoings with Reyn. Valiant has a new series out today as well with Ivar, Timewalker. DC Comics is all ongoings as they move closer to the Convergence event while Marvel Comics has a lot of ongoings as well, though the ICON imprint has a new Powers series kicking off.

On the manga side, Viz Media has several ongoings but is also debuting Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders. They’ve got new volumes of Terra Formars, Nisekoi: False Love, Lagoon Engine, Lucky★Star, Mad Love Chase and ZONE-00 out this week. Seven Seas returns to ComiXology this week with the debut of a new volume for Zero’s Familiar: Chevalier while DMP has the three volume series Diablo debuting. TOKYOPOP goes for the second installment of Roadsong as well as the first installment of Shutterbox.

Title Issue Publisher
Arrow: Season 2.5 11 DC Comics
Gronk: A Monster’s Story vol. 1 Collection Action Lab
Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three 17 DC Comics
DC COMICS ESSENTIALS: Superman Earth One 1 DC Comics
Green Lantern Corps Vol. 5: Uprising DC Comics
Supergirl Vol. 5: Red Daughter of Krypton DC Comics
Trinity of Sin – Phantom Stranger Vol. 3: The Crack in Creation DC Comics
Animal Man Vol. 7: Red Plague DC Comics
Ame-Comi Girls Vol. 1 DC Comics
Batgirl/Robin Year One DC Comics
52 Vol. 4 DC Comics
Amazing Spider-Man 156 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 157 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 158 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 159 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 160 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 161 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 162 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 163 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 164 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 165 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 166 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 167 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 168 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 169 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 170 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 172 Marvel
Iron Man Annual 9 Marvel
New Mutants Annual 7 Marvel
New Warriors 7 Marvel
New Warriors 8 Marvel
New Warriors 9 Marvel
New Warriors 10 Marvel
New Warriors 11 Marvel
New Warriors 12 Marvel
New Warriors 13 Marvel
New Warriors 14 Marvel
New Warriors 15 Marvel
New Warriors 16 Marvel
New Warriors 17 Marvel
New Warriors Annual 1 Marvel
Uncanny X-Men Annual 15 Marvel
X-Factor Annual 6 Marvel
Ares & Aphrodite 3 Oni
March: Book Two GN Top Shelf
Terra Formars 4 Viz
Nisekoi: False Love 10 Viz
Lagoon Engine 7 Viz
Lucky★Star 7 Viz
Mad Love Chase 4 Viz
ZONE-00 4 Viz
Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders 1 Viz
Sidekick 1 Delcourt
Walking Dead 22 Delcourt
Walking Dead : L’ultime Combat (Édition spéciale) n/a Delcourt
Complot 3 Delcourt
L’Œil de la nuit 1 Delcourt
Le Grand Méchant Renard n/a Delcourt
La Légende de Noor 1 Delcourt
Van Helsing contre Jack l’éventreur 2 Soleil
Wunderwaffen présente Space Reich 1 Soleil
Elfes 9 Soleil
Marlysa 14 Soleil
Oracle 5 Soleil
Léo Loden 23 Soleil
Meilleur Job du monde 3 Soleil
La Tombe de la Terreur 1 Wetta
La Tombe de la Terreur 2 Wetta
La Tombe de la Terreur 3 Wetta
Dr.DMAT 6 Kazé
07-GHOST 14 Kazé
Kuroko’s basket 19 Kazé
Monster Hunter Flash 9 Kazé
Holy F*ck 3 Action Lab
The Last West 10 Alterna
Batman ’66 DC2 52 DC Comics
Fables: A Wolf Among Us 7 DC Comics
Path of Exile 3: Death to Sin Dynamite
Amazing Forest 7 Monkeybrain
Motorcycle Samurai 4: Anagnorisis 4 Top Shelf
Beano presents Dennis the Menace and Gnasher 1 DC Thomson
Beano presents Dennis the Menace and Gnasher 2 DC Thomson
Sonic the Hedgehog 268 Archie
Crossed +100 2 Avatar
Dark Gods 3 Avatar
Crossed: Badlands 70 Avatar
God is Dead 27 Avatar
Uber 21 Avatar
The Odyssey Presents: Muse 4 Bluewater
Burning Fields 1 BOOM!
Dead Letters 7 BOOM!
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Bestiary 6 BOOM!
Sons of Anarchy 17 BOOM!
Sons of Anarchy Vol. 2 Collection BOOM!
Rocket Salvage 2 BOOM! (Archaia)
The Amazing World of Gumball 7 BOOM! (KaBOOM!)
Lumberjanes 10 BOOM! (BOOM! Box)
Find 1 Comixtribe
Red Sonja 14: Digital Exclusive Edition 14 Dynamite
Red Sonja: Black Tower 4: Digital Exclusive Editon 4 Dynamite
The Twilight Zone: Shadow and Substance 1: Digital Excluisve Edition 1 Dynamite
Vampirella: Feary Tales 4: Digital Exclusive Edition 4 Dynamite
Zombies vs Robots 1 1 IDW
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics, Vol. 3 1 1 IDW
Transformers: Punishment one-shot IDW
Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues 1 1 IDW
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures 19 19 IDW
Winterworld 6 6 IDW
Indestructible 10 10 IDW
October Faction 4 4 IDW
Wild Blue Yonder 6 6 IDW
Borderlands: Tannis & The Vault, part 2 6 6 IDW
Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate 4 4 IDW
Millennium 1 1 IDW
The Bigger Bang 3 3 IDW
Transformers 37 37 IDW
Popeye Classics 30 30 IDW
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes, Agent of Cobra 1 1 IDW
Samurai Jack 16 16 IDW
Star Trek/Planet of the Apes 2 2 IDW
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 42 42 IDW
Creeple Peeple 1 1 IDW
Winterworld 7 7 IDW
Hack/Slash Son Of Samhain Vol 1 Collection Image
Spread 5 5 Image
Penny Dora & The Wishing Box 3 3 Image
The Activity Vol 03 Collection Image
Drifter 3 3 Image
Goners 4 4 Image
Intersect 3 3 Image
Invincible 116 116 Image
Reyn 1 1 Image
Rise Of The Magi 5 5 Image
Rumble 2 2 Image
The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw 3 3 Image
The Wicked & The Divine 7 7 Image
A Town Called Dragon 5 Legendary
Zero’s Familiar: Chevalier Vol. 4 Collection Seven Seas
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor 7 Titan
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor 4 Titan
Ivar, Timewalker 1 Valiant
The Valiant 2 Valiant
Charmed Season 10 4 Zenescope
Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm War 6 (of 12) Zenescope
Batman and Robin 38 DC Comics
Batman Eternal 42 DC Comics
Batman/Superman 18 DC Comics
Batwoman 38 DC Comics
Earth 2: World’s End 16 DC Comics
Green Lantern: New Guardians 38 DC Comics
Justice League 38 DC Comics
Red Hood and the Outlaws 38 DC Comics
Supergirl 38 DC Comics
Teen Titans 6 DC Comics
The New 52: Futures End 38 DC Comics
Trinity of Sin 4 DC Comics
Wonder Woman 38 DC Comics
Fables 148 DC Comics
The Kitchen 3 DC Comics
All-New X-Factor 20 Marvel
All-New X-Men 35 Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man 13 Marvel
Avengers: Revelations Collection Marvel
Black Widow 14 Marvel
Black Widow Vol. 2: The Tightly Tangled Web Collection Marvel
Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier 4 Marvel
Captain America & The Mighty Avengers 4 Marvel
Deadpool’s Art Of War 4 Marvel
Elektra 10 Marvel
Fantastic Four 642 Marvel
Guardians Of The Galaxy 23 Marvel
Iron Man Epic Collection: Stark Wars Collection Marvel
Legendary Star-Lord 8 Marvel
Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1: Face It, I Rule Collection Marvel
Loki: Agent Of Asgard 10 Marvel
Magneto 14 Marvel
Magneto Vol. 2: Reversals Collection Marvel
Moon Knight 11 Marvel
Powers 1 ICON
Rocket Raccoon 7 Marvel
Scarlet Spiders 3 Marvel
Spider-Verse Team-Up 3 Marvel
Spider-Woman 3 Marvel
Superior Iron Man 4 Marvel
Wolverines 3 Marvel
X-Force Vol. 2: Hide/Fear Collection Marvel
WatchGuard 0 Xion Studios
Hex11 1 HexComix
Revenger 1 Oily Comics
Bertie Bear and the Dagger of a Thousand Souls 3 Bounce Comics
VeggieTales SuperComics: Lyle the Kindly Viking BH Kids
Sanity & Tallulah: Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives 1 Molly Brooks
Blaze of Glory 1B Lucha Comics
Detective Perez and the Rust City Stabber 24 Press
Bremen 1 Darkeye Studios
The Solitonus Agency 2 Sinister Halo Comics
Red Stallion 3 torcomics
The Fitzroy Comic Dead Canary Comics
Dragon Slayer 1 Cheshire Cat Art
Howling @ the Gates 3 V!P Comics
Frontier Graveyard Vol. 1 Blue Inferno Comics
Misfits 4 Higher Universe Comics
Allure of the Ancients: The Keys to His Kingdom School Bus Comics
Esperanza 0 1 Joan Carles Ventura
Little Doodles 1 Dead Cat Comics
Cercenador 1 Pencil in Pain
Ragdoll 2 Ragdoll Comics
The Story of Kokoro 3 WG Designs
Pressure/Sensitivity Vol. 1 Wacom
Born in Hell 1 West Wind
The King of Cool 1 Dirty Third Comics
Naked Man Comics 4 Naked Man Comics
The Cabinet 1 Comics Make Kids Evil
Henchmen: I, Henchbot 1 Robot Paper
Sideshow 1 Robb Comics
Touching Evil 2 Beardo Comics
Judo Girl Vol. 3 1 Arcana
Judo Girl Vol. 3 2 Arcana
Judo Girl Vol. 3 3 Arcana
Judo Girl Vol. 3 4 Arcana
Judo Girl Vol. 3 5 Arcana
Legend of Isis: Return of the Scarab Queen 1 Arcana
Legend of Isis: Return of the Scarab Queen 2 Arcana
Legend of Isis: Return of the Scarab Queen 3 Arcana
Legend of Isis: Return of the Scarab Queen 4 Arcana
Lady Death 14 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Lady Death 15 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Lady Death 16 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Lady Death 17 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Lady Death 18 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Lady Death 19 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Lady Death 20 Avatar (Boundless Comics)
Saint Germaine: Casanova’s Lament Caliber
Saint Germaine: Quasimodo Tale Caliber
Saint Germaine: Restoration Caliber
Saint Germaine: The Man in the Iron Mask Caliber
Saint Germaine: The Tragedy of Falstaff Caliber
Zulunation 1 Caliber
Zulunation 2 Caliber
Zulunation 3 Caliber
Rocky Horror Picture Show 2 Caliber
Velda: Girl Detective 3 Caliber
Diabolo Vol. 1 GN DMP
Diabolo Vol. 2 GN DMP
Diabolo Vol. 3 GN DMP
Dreadstar 6 Dynamite
Dreadstar 7 Dynamite
Dreadstar 8 Dynamite
Dreadstar 9 Dynamite
Dreadstar 10 Dynamite
Dreadstar 11 Dynamite
Dreadstar 12 Dynamite
Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife GN Harlequin
Response GN Harlequin
Tom Bardley’s Babies GN Harlequin
The Prince’s Housekeeper Bride/Prince Incognito GN Harlequin
The Prince’s Royal Concubine GN Harlequin
Flare 35 Heroic
Champions 45 Heroic
Roadsong Vol. 2 GN TOKYOPOP
Shutterbox Vol. 1 GN TOKYOPOP
Classics Illustrated JES 49: The Last Saxon King 49 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 51: Maiwa’s Revenge 51 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 53: The Wrath of Achilles 53 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 56: Eric Brighteyes 56 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 60: The Fight for Africa’s Crown 60 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 61: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 61 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 67: A Terrible Revenge 67 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated Greek 2: Jason and the Argonauts 2 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES 74: Mr Midshipman Easy 74 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Classics Illustrated JES UK 143: Sail with the Devil 143 Trajectory – Classics Illustrated
Neverland: Age of Darkness Collection Zenescope
Adventures of Superman (1986-2006) 495 DC Comics
Anarky (1999) 8 DC Comics
Aquaman (1994-2001) 25 DC Comics
Batman and the Outsiders (1983-1987) (Adventures of the Outsiders) 33 DC Comics
Catwoman (1993-2001) 85 DC Comics
Challengers of the Unknown (1997-1998) 15 DC Comics
Deathblow (1993-1996) 8 DC Comics
Flash, The (1959-1985) 131 DC Comics
Flash, The (1959-1985) 132 DC Comics
Flash, The (1959-1985) 133 DC Comics
Green Lantern (1990-2004) 121 DC Comics
Green Lantern (1990-2004) 122 DC Comics
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989-2000) 116 DC Comics
Legionnaires (1993-2000) 17 DC Comics
Legionnaires (1993-2000) 72 DC Comics
Looney Tunes (1994- ) 82 DC Comics
O.M.A.C. (1974-1975) 3 DC Comics
Outsiders (2003-2007) 29 DC Comics
Team Titans (1992-1994) 10 DC Comics
Team Titans (1992-1994) 11 DC Comics
The All New Atom (2006-2008) 5 DC Comics
The All New Atom (2006-2008) 6 DC Comics
The Spectre (1992-1998) 17 DC Comics
Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 213 DC Comics
Wonder Woman (1987-2006) 71 DC Comics
Swamp Thing (1982-1996) 80 DC Comics
Codename: Knockout 7 DC Comics
House of Secrets (1996-1998) 12 DC Comics
Black Panther: Deadliest Of The Species Collection Marvel
House Of M: Mutopia X Collection Marvel
Hulk: World War Hulk – Warbound Collection Marvel
Immortal Weapons Collection Marvel
Rogue: Going Rogue Collection Marvel
Wonder Woman ’77 3 DC Comics
World of Archie: Xtreme Winter Archie
Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse 33 DC Comics
Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga 30 DC Comics
Mortal Kombat X 4 DC Comics