Kodansha Comics Adds More ‘Noragami’ & ‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Releases

Kodansha Comics Adds More ‘Noragami’ & ‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Releases Kodansha Comics announced a couple of neat things for fans this weekend at the Waku Waku+NYC event. For fans of Noragami, they’ve picked up the rights to the short story collection from Adachitoka with Noragami: Stray Stories. The release is being planned for a November 2015 release, making it a very fast announcement to release pickup that we like to see, especially for a single collection like this. The timing also works out well to complement the broadcast of the second season of the anime adaptation.

Fairy Tail fans also got some good news as they announced the pickup of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail, a spinoff series that’s produced by Yusuke Shirato. While no firm date is set yet, it’s going to be released during the 2015 holiday season.

Additionally, the next Fairy Tail: Master’s Edition release has been slotted with a spring 2016 debut that will bring volumes six through ten of the series in an oversized and high quality paper form that’s very similar to the Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition release that came out, at least in terms of size.

Fairy Tail: Ice Trail: The story follows young Gray Fullbuster. This is after the loss of his teacher Ur and his adventures before he joins the Fairy Tail guild. Ran for two volumes from July 2015 to July 2015.

Noragami: Shuuishuu: Spin-off volume featuring one man’s unlucky venture into love. Published intermittently since 2011.