Netflix Sets Australian Launch Date

Netflix Sets Australian Launch Date It’s taken awhile but Netflix has now set a March 24th, 2015 debut for their service in  Australia, bringing the company to a new region as part of its overall global expansion plans.

The arrival of Netflix in Australia is a mixed thing depending on what you’re looking for out of your streaming service. In regards to anime, we’ve seen a build up in what AnimeLab has been doing in the region and the various distributors working to build their streaming components. What Netflix will end up offering are some of the shows that they’re likely to continue to build upon with original works that they invest in, such as what we saw with Knights of Sidonia. The potential game changing aspect down the line is that with Netflix launching in Japan as well this year, they could invest in a number of anime projects and gain worldwide rights as they like to do and have those shows for streaming through their services in that form.

Outside of anime, it’s a good thing for Australia for those that want to get the original properties that Netflix has, such as their tweets this morning talking about Daredevil, The Fall and Peaky Blinders.

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