Assassination Classroom Episode #11 Anime Review

Assassination Classroom Episode #11 Anime Review Korosensei’s little bro brings some big changes

What They Say:
One day a weird tentacle creature destroys 70% of the moon and threatens to do the same to Earth in a year. However in exchange for being allowed to teach a group of misfit students called the E-Class, he’ll allow them to try and assassinate him. With the chance to earn 10 billion yen and prove their worth to the world, the kids are willing to give it a shot, but this thing might just end up being the best teacher they’ve ever had.

The Review:
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
Welp. Things just got pretty real here. Assassination Classroom’s been on a streak of episodic stuff as of late, and while this one looks to be just another student-of-the-week type deal, it ends up being the show’s most serious affair yet. It makes for the show’s best episode to date, and one that certainly ups the stakes for future developments.

We’re introduced to the new student from last week named Itona, and he’s apparently what the government feels is their best chance at killing Korosensei so far. Even Ritsu who came the closest to killing him so far is considered vastly inferior so with all that hype behind him, he has quite a lot to prove and he earns it in spades. He’s definently the most abnormal of the students introduced so far (and given that includes a giant cellphone girl, that says something) and he’s also accompanied by a man called Shiro who claims to be his guardian. Given Korosensei is…whatever he is, the whole brother thing is kinda hard to buy into, but we learn why pretty fast when he challenges Korosensei to a duel.

Turns out Itona has tentacles too, and combined with Shiro’s suspiciously extensive knowledge of Korosensei’s weaknesses, brings Korosensei pretty darn close to getting killed. So far Korosensei’s been able to shake off pretty much all of his would-be assassins with ease. Dealing with the principal’s rigid education system may have proved too much of a feat to handle on his own, but nothing’s ever been a serious threat when it comes to killing him. So needless to say that watching him actually be at someone else’s complete mercy for a while is pretty shocking, and makes for an unexpectedly tense scenario. In the end Korosensei prevails through some pretty clever usage of his own weaknesses, but Itona’s so off his rocker, that even Korosensei’s usual inspiration lecture doesn’t prevail, and actually just makes things worse. Itona and Shiro retreat for the time being, but it’s pretty clear the whole incident’s left a huge impact on just about everyone.

It’s been obvious for a while now that something’s not quite right with Korosensei’s supposed origin story, and given that he gets pretty angry when he sees Itona’s tentacles, it just further fuels the fire. The kids ask Korosensei to reveal his past and while he doesn’t he does give them the reveal we’ve all been expecting at this point: that he’s some kind of artificial lifeform. It opens up a whole bunch of questions in regards to who decided to make him, and why he’s so bent on teaching these kids, so hopefully the answers don’t take too long to start rolling out.

Hints at Korosensei’s mysterious past aren’t the only thing the aftermath gives us though. After seeing just how close Itona came to killing Korosensei, the Class E kids decide to take the assassination way more seriously, and decide they want to be the ones to kill him. It’s a nice little development and it’s good to see some growth with them. Of course Assassination Classroom wouldn’t quite be itself if the whole thing was taken seriously and it does make fun of how overly serious the whole thing was in the end (along with a few hilarious references to certain other brotherly rivalries in several Shonen Jump series earlier in the episode) but it’s definitely the heaviest the show’s gotten so far.

In Summary:
Itona’s arrival ups the ante for Assassination Classroom, and he’s proven to be the biggest threat yet in regards to killing Korosensei. Thanks to that we get some interesting hints regarding Korosensei’s identity and some solid development for the Class E kids. It’s been great to get a student who isn’t going to be quite so easy for Korosensei to convert, and it looks like both him and Shiro will make for some great antagonists going forward.

Grade: A

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