‘Space Battleship Yamato’ Live Action Film Gets Limited Free Streaming

‘Space Battleship Yamato’ Live Action Film Gets Limited Free Streaming If you were curious to check out the 2010 live action film Space Battleship Yamato that Giant Ape Media released previously on DVD/BD, now you can watch the whole film in either its original Japanese language form or English language dub. FUNimation is streaming the feature for free through November 14th, 2014, in hopes of course that you’ll like it enough to snap up a copy to add to your library, or to join their larger video service after experiencing it and its options.

You can read our review of the feature here .

Plot concept: An anime cult classic blazes to life on the big screen in this feature-length sci-fi epic! The year is 2199. Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction as the Gamilas, heinous alien invaders, wage an endless war for the right to inhabit the Earth.