Dark Circle Reveals Next Series With ‘The Hangman’

Dark Circle Reveals Next Series With ‘The Hangman’ Dark Circle Comics is going through its introduction phase with its first three titles of Black Hood, The Shield and The Fox, and it looks like a fourth title is on tap for this summer as well with The Hangman. Revealed exclusively at Comic Book Resources , the new series will come from writer Frank Tieri and artist Felix Ruiz. Tieri’s recently seen on Red Sonja: The Black Tower while Ruiz is known for his work on Wolverine: MAX.

Similar to the other characters introduced so far, The Hangman has been seen before in the previous Archie Comics releases over the decades, but is one that’s definitely going to fit in well with this new imprint as it looks dark as hell, but has a heart according to editor Alex Segura, who compared it to Quentin Tarantino adapting a Stephen King novel.

“Dark Circle is and isn’t a superhero imprint,” Dark Circle line editor Alex Segura said in a statement to CBR. “We don’t want to revive properties just to say we did, or to check off a list. We want to explore different genres and push the envelope with some of the best talents in comics and beyond. I know I had problems sleeping when I first read Frank’s take. The fact that he’s paired with Felix Ruiz, an artist that reminds me of greats like Sienkiewicz, Sal Buscema and more while injecting a new, off-the-rails energy to his pages is icing. This book will surprise people. It’s not what you expect — which is exactly what Dark Circle is about.”

No formal release date is set yet and fans in print will get their first look at the image displayed here when Free Comic Book Day arrives with the Dark Circle offering.

Dark Circle introduced The Black Hood last month, you can read our review here , and has the next two series kicking off soon.