One Piece Episode #690 Anime Review

One Piece Episode #690 Anime Review The chaos in the streets grows.

What They Say:
The Tontattas locate their captive comrades and seem to be able to get the message to them – the prison break is on! Meanwhile, heavy-hitters from the Colosseum turn from wringing each other’s necks towards a unified plan, which might just be enough to get Luffy the chance to make it to a final showdown with Doflamingo!

The Review:
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One Piece has moved the arc along well for the most part and has provided for some amusing moments along the way recently. It also got nicely serious as Luffy and Law ended up coming across one of Doflamingo’s clones, which made for a surprising moment for all involved before they realized the truth of it. With more people rallying to Luffy’s side, slowly but surely, they’re gaining steam in this fight that’s contained within the birdcage. But there are those that are still looking to score the bounties being offered and that continues its complications. As does the continuing but really engaging sequence with Sabo going up against Fujitora. That’s been compelling for the fight itself, but also for the reinforcement of the bond that he shares with Luffy and Ace that’s really being built upon well.

While we get a little interesting material at the start here with Bellamy being brought in front of Doflamingo to get something new moving along, a lot of the first half is given over to various low level exchanges going on within the city and the chaos of it all. Some are with named characters that are going through their exchanges, which isn’t all that interesting, but we also get some generic characters running around out there that are being controlled by Doflamingo and being forced into doing terrible deeds, particularly with the one guy that’s being forced into almost killing his family. It sets the stage well for the chaos and tragedy that’s unfolding there, which is given a little more impact when you have a sequence with King Riku watching over it while alongside Usopp and being unable to do anything until Luffy and the others meet up as it’s Doflamingo that they really have to deal with.

This episode also gives us some time with the Tontattas, which we saw scaling up for action pretty well recently with their air force, and now they’re doing some creative fun in going to rescue everyone else that’s been captured and held alongside the Sad materials. This and a few other areas again get covered lightly as it goes on, particularly as we see more of the arena fighters out in the wild, but there’s also a fun moment that kind of bookends the episode with Luffy and his running around to get to Sunflower Field and coming across a lot of people. His biggest bit of luck is running into Cavendish, aka Cabbage, and getting a lift from him. This new pairing isn’t quite as fun as Luffy and Moocey, but it’s fun just to see how Luffy’s usual attitude and style grates so much on Cavendish and frustrates him to no end.

In Summary:
One Piece again has one of those minorly transitional episodes where things are moving ahead in small ways, but it’s mostly nudges and continued movements towards placing characters where they need to be next. The background of it is still Luffy’s journey to catch up with those waiting for him at Sunflower Field, and that works well enough as a bookend since it lets others take up the mantle of keeping things going. Unfortunately, outside of a few seconds of Usopp and Robin for the most part, it’s all less interesting characters without much of a sense of impact. What it does do is reinforce the terror of being in the streets of the city at this point and the chaos there, so it does work well in further establishing the overall mood and tone. But beyond that, it’s another mostly unmemorable episode that does achieve its purpose.

Grade: B

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